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Here’s what I do joyfully

I write casual picturesque newsletters, film weekly live videos on Facebook to quench that colorful thirst and unbox happy chemical-free products to promote growth and transformation for the body, mind, and soul.

My sacred sexy tribe

I see myself in a professional relationship promoting products/brands that help others feel vibrant, alive, bold and beautiful. My audience is predominantly LGBT friendly aged between 25-45 years old.  We crave to taste, touch, feel and smell magic. I expect your brand to cater masters, sages, and healers all over the world. If you see your product helping out Mother Theresa’s wrinkles or finding your brand sitting inside Oprah’s house then let’s make some magic.

Karma cleanse

Trust me. If you claim chemical-free (in my world it means full on organic, raw, purely natural) you bet your ass, I’m holding you to it. I don’t show mercy easily to liars and neither does my network of brazen warrior gods and goddesses.

Send your carrier pigeons here

Bernard Charles 8 Allegheny Center #108 Pittsburgh PA 15212

Why should you contact me ahead of time?

No one likes dirty random junk mail. To curb the frustration, it’s best to email me at before you send your product and samples so that I know there’s a real live human being with genuine intention to reach a very real audience. If you do not contact me prior, then you agree to my review risk. Keep reading.

Review risk explained

You agree that sending random unscheduled products gives me the permission to assume a “no obligation to review or create sponsored content” responsibility. Simply put this means you can send me stuff but I’m in no way agreeing to talk/mention/post about the product whatsoever just because you sent a box of goodies.  I do encourage you to weigh this factor before sending me a dozen feel good socks or a box of unlaminated inspiration bookmarks. (Those are random examples I created in between sipping some tea.)

Our Color Mage Community

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