Invoking Goddess Kwan Yin for Deep Love and Compassion (My Leap Year Ritual)

I’ve been working with Kwan Yin for three years and each time I invoke her beauty and grace, I feel a great strength.

A fortitude of absolute certainty, clarity and love.

This leap year, I wanted to invoke greatness and grace. Show beautiful souls how easily it is to perform a ritual/prayer in complete alignment with pure intentions.

Take a plunge into manifesting and attracting energy for the next four years.

What I used in my 22 minute ritual

My Leap Year Attraction ebook

Danielle Laporte’s candle: Love so deeply – Tridoshic candle

Rose quartz crystals that resonates with gentle love

Frankincense, Egyptian Gold and Inner Child essential oils

Kuan Yin Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild

Miracles Now card deck by Gabrielle Bernstein


Post-ritual flow

I allowed myself to sit in meditation listening to Om Mani Padme Hum on repeat via YouTube. And for the rest of the day, I let the candle to burn safely. When I felt ready I made a wish and blew it out like a birthday cake. And will burn it throughout the leap year space until we meet another leap across the canyon of power.

Bonus ritual for souls

I’m sharing my leap year abundance ritual exclusively with beautiful soul subscribers so read your invite today to be apart of my beautiful community of peace, power and self-discovery.

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