Why Forgiving Yourself is Strange to the World And Why I’m A Gilmore Girl


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After a dozen relationship false alarms, I’ve been religiously obsessed with lotus pink ( a color of forgiveness and invoking the goddess Kwan Yin).

It brings more compassion into your life.

Lucky me, I pulled this powerful heart chakra color using my oracle deck this week before watching Netflix and started wearing the color daily with my natural lip stick.

And let’s face it…

For me, she chose to go through my preferred binge-method: Gilmore Girls.

Even though, regular pink is lovely.

Lotus Pink can wear a stern face like Mrs. Kim and Emily Gilmore from the show. Both characters are domineering matriarchs like the Queen of Swords in tarot and both cut deeply on how I treat myself.

I find myself thinking…

Do what’s right

Follow the rules

Why do you have to be like that

Do you honestly ever measure up to what the world thinks of you or closer – your family?

I didn’t think so.

Neither do I.

On a good day, I’m a mixed bag between Sookie and Lorelai, fun + whimsical = cup of coffee with magic risotto.

But when it comes to my life, I hold a tight reign on standards.

I want the best. Be the best. And do the best.

Oh wait.

Am I sounding a bit like Paris Geller?



The miserable ones in the world desire the best to shine less.

Expecting the confident to fall prey to narcissism.

Whitewashing the extraordinary with ordinary criticism and mediocrity.

This unforgiving company enjoys bad-mouthing anyone who genuinely feels beautiful and pure to come out of the closet.

Just because you choose to express your awesomeness on social media or in live conversation doesn’t make you a bad person.

You don’t have to play small, to feel at home.

No need to forgive yourself when you’ve done, nothing wrong.

Right now, you’re being the best you. The best mom. The best friend. The best lover. The best you and no one (not even you) should take away your light because loosening your grip on that 62-watt bulb isn’t humbling, it’s dark.

So, screw the damn light into the joy socket and shine baby!


If you’re finding yourself on a non-stop flight to self-hatred and resent, start using the color lotus pink by getting chunks of pink mangano calcite crystals to add to your bedroom or start using highest potential, joy and release essential oils. Of course you can watch Gilmore Girls with me as we swoon over Rory’s lovers and forgive ourselves after eating too much junk food.

Your call.

Until next time love, light and color.

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Bernard Charles is transforming thousands of unhappy people from around the world by adding more color and meaning to their life. His work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, Positively Positive and appeared on various radio programs discussing his mission to change 1 million people. Explore the power and meaning of color at www.thecolormage.com