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Imagine you want a grande very berry hibiscus tea at Starbucks going in, but change your mind ten times. This reading is your super whipped caramel frap you leave with! You may not know what you want in life but do know it should taste delicious and sweet! I’m your intuitive barista! General readings are for you if your mantra is: Go with the flow or Let’s see what happens. I’m going to reveal past, future, fears and hopes associated with your regular sitcom called life. And pump in specific crystals and colors to add to your woo-woo drink. No more wondering…

  • Why you’re here
  • What’s the game plan
  • How can I find more meaning

This private YouTube reading is my most popular and easiest to swallow if you’re completely new to my work. Let’s make you a Trenta size what’s in it for me reading. Readings are delivered in 7-10 business days.

24 Hour Intuition Upgrade

Tinker with time and space with me and get your personalized reading in 24 hours. Orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, must choose the Weekend Blitz option to ensure 24 hour delivery.

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