A Deep Tarot Reading with Color (video only)


You want a reader/psychic/mentor that gets where you’re coming from without the scary as hell predictions. Our time together includes easy to understand tarot messages layered with colors to boost your mood in relationships, life and business. What I’m about to share on camera will pull the curtains up on your situation and help you make better decisions! Before I hit record, I want you to feel safe, magical and unstoppable with the bewitching world. No more wondering…

  • Why you feel scared to leave
  • When is it right for me
  • How can I get more

I shine light on what you can’t figure out. So unmasking your shadows, fears and desires don’t scare me! This private YouTube reading is NOT for you if you refuse to accept criticism and compliments. Seeing better is knowing better.  So, let’s take back your life today in a not so scary way. Readings are delivered in 7-10 business days.


24 Hour Intuition Upgrade

Tinker with time and space with me and get your personalized reading in 24 hours. Orders placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, must choose the Weekend Blitz option to ensure 24 hour delivery.

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First of all, thank you so much. Second of all, this hits home so much. I’ve been running around like crazy lately and I have felt the need to just stop and be, but sometimes this is just a luxury that I can’t afford. But I do try to take out for myself daily… Talking about passion, I am planning my dissertation on what I think/feel may be my life’s purpose – personal development  so this also went straight to the point. I want to thank you again and I hope…to receive readings from you, because I absolutely love them! – Diana, Romania 

I LOVE YOU!!! I’ve watched my reading in little bits throughout the day as I’ve been on mummy duty – I’m going to hop into bed with you later! 😉 You are just the most adorable, beautiful ray of sunshine. I just wanted you to know that! – Cerries, UK