What is Jennifer Lopez’s 2015 Oscar dress color?


Thought of you during the Oscars! Wondered: what color would Bernard call JLO’s red carpet dress and how can I use it in my life spiritually? – Amy, Queen of Faerie Blessings

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Your Majesty,

J.Lo’s dress is one of elegance and beauty.

As a statement of her natural brilliance – I feel the dress color awakens a quality of beauty that’s ageless. If you watch this clip from Disney’s Fantasia, the faeries have a similar resonance to Lopez’s red carpet dress.

The pearl-shaped sparkles, tasteful movement and whimsical admiration for flowers (often symbols of beauty) are a few enriching elements that both the dress and faeries have in common. Even the music creates a dreamy soundscape as the picture flows season by season.

It’s quite magical and alluring.

Other fashionistas refer to the dress color in a variety of shades from champagne to blush – but this color is more than an association with alcoholic beverages.

Jennifer’s dress by Elie Saab is a colorful beacon to connect with your divine self through vulnerability. You find this particular color nestled inside a clam or oyster. A species that endures a bit of agitation and uses it to their advantage in manifesting something profoundly beautiful and rare in the eyes of humanity.

Of her own accord, J.Lo took charge of living her dreams right after high school and did not go to college like everyone else. Her personal journey has embodied powerful lessons in making the world her oyster through vulnerability. Dealing with the frustrations projected by her parents to the social pressures of the public limelight, Lopez followed her inherent desires mindful of the risks but it appears that faith and beauty have always been part of her innate sparkle.

I would personally name this color – Radiant Sandstone. The sands of time meeting paradise on earth to nourish the divine self to overcome limitations naturally.

Feeling Radiant Sandstone? Use light smokey quartz, golden topaz and sunstone crystal jewelry to enrich your aura’s natural beauty to shine brightly forward like J.Lo’s 2015 Oscar look. Don’t be afraid to adorn your most intimate spaces with these crystals so that you can infuse your life with positive energy and lift fear out of your life.

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